Gutter Cleaning

Getting rid of the stuff that clogs your downspouts!

Living in the Cowichan Valley with all the surrounding trees is simply beautiful.  However those trees let go of their leaves and debris which can land in our gutter systems.

This is not noticeable during our dry summer season.  It can become serious when our 3 rainy seasons (fall, winter and spring) create drainage problems around our home.

So why should I keep my gutters clean?

  • When gutters overflow the water wraps around the roof and fascia board and can enter into the house.
  • Clean gutters prevent water from washing out around the foundation, prevent termites from being drawn to the moisture, and keeps mold and mildew from your walls.
  • With good water flow your downspouts and gutters won’t overflow and drip off the edges, which can also cause rotten wood on your home.

When do I know if I need to clean my gutters?

  • If you are noticing odd splash patterns below your gutters or seeing debris on the side of your gutters this is an overflow problem.
  • If you have any leaf trees or tall bushes around your home or property then an annual service or inspection is a good place to start.




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