About the Good Old Days Team

TOM: Growing up on the South Coast of England, Tom has had his eyes set on living on Vancouver Island for many years.  Since moving here in early 2019 Tom enjoys all the thrills the great outdoors has to offer him; from rock climbing to hiking to surfing.  Tom brings a great fun-loving attitude, fresh English humour and several years of working in handyman type work to the Good Old Days team. His favourite tasks are painting and working on decks and fences.  What drives Tom? “Dirty Hands. Clean Money… and a lot of fresh veggies”

DAVID: Working with the RCMP for 35 years is a job that required many moves across our beautiful country.  With all those houses, David has developed a wide range of skills needed for home renovations and upkeep.  As a member of the Good Old Days team he works hard to present a finished product that he would accept for his own home.  His favourite tasks? “Anything that involves sawdust.” When David is not wearing his handyman hat you may find him woodworking in his shop, hiking with his wife and their dog or shopping for tools on Amazon.

GUY: As a hockey player for 45 years of his life, the team theory has been ingrained in Guy.  At Good Old Days he likes the feeling of being part of a team. He brings his many years of handyman knowledge and enthusiasm to do a nice job and help clients.  Guy loves a challenge and he brings a quiet confidence to every task he comes across. When Guy is not working with tools you can usually find him playing guitar, camping and sending out photos of his latest fishing catch.

Brian: He is a good old farm boy from Manitoba whose prairie years taught him to work hard and that has stuck with him.  As both a licensed electrician as well as a licensed home inspector Brians priority is to make a client feel comfortable with him before he does any repair work.  Anyone who knows Brian knows he doesn’t like to be “beaten” by a job. If things are not going great he takes a breath, thinks about it and sooner or later an idea pops into his head.  When Brian is not in his Good Old Days uniform he can be found watching hockey and, when possible, making all kinds of things from old wood.

Scott: The original handyman and owner of Good Old Days.  From humble beginnings of wearing every hat in the business he now can be found managing the day to day activities of the business.  Scott brings years of experience in home renovations, new construction (from foundations to finishing) roofing work, sheet metal work, RV construction and a general “figure it out” attitude.  As skilled as he is as a handyman, the interactions with people are where Scott thrives. He loves to serve and help in any way he can and it shines through in his interactions with clients, staff and suppliers.

As Good Old Days Handyman grew Ashlynn joined forces with Scott in 2017 and took over most of the tasks in the office.  With many years experience in office work, bookkeeping, as well as several house renovations Ashlynn brings understanding of many of the hands on tasks that the team does as well as organization to all that goes on behind the scenes of a handyman business.  When she is not in the office or being ‘mom’ you will usually find Ashlynn with garden dirt under her fingernails, mud on her hiking boots or her nose in a book.