We love the great clients we get to work with and all the challenges they bring our way and are thrilled when we get glowing reviews back that show they like us too!  We’ve shared some of our reviews below.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Work came in below estimate and better than expected results” – Tracey

“Excellent work with reasonable rates! Scott is friendly, thorough and fast! I’ll get Good Old Days to do a few more Handyman Services for us for sure!” – Sandy

“Thank you for the good work you did on my deck. It was done quickly and efficiently but at the same time carefully and thoroughly. I will not hesitate to call you for any further work I need done.” – Brian

“Fantastic job!!! Thanks to Scott (and crew) for their excellent work…. I feel fortunate that I’m one of your ‘Good Old Days’ customers!” – Susan

“We are very pleased with our renewed deck, so sturdy and fine! We are also VERY grateful that we found Scott to do the job AND his determination to do it right. We prefer our new deck to the original. Thanks for all the ‘Good Old Days’ ethics.” – Pat

“Have had Scott do some Reno’s painting in an ongoing project to update our older home. He is a skilled professional as well as being a great person. We highly recommend him” – Diane

“Just finished up a bathroom flooring reno thanks to Scott! We love the new look!” – Jo

“We are very pleased with our first experience with Good Old Days. Our deck was a challenge. With hard work, good grace, commitment and a great deal of creativity, Scott completed the job under some daunting weather conditions. Scott is a good communicator and took time to listen well and keep us posted each step of the way, giving options when required. Ashlynn’s book keeping is detailed and clear: just awesome. This is a top notch, professional family business.” – Mike

“Scott has done an exceptional job for our home. He spent hours on two windy and rainy days cutting a big new window for our rental unit so that our tenant can see a spectacular mountain and lake view. We’re talking about staying hours outside in the cold. After the window was in place, a painting job was beautifully done for the wall next to the newly-cut window inside. Originally, there was a bump on the wall. Scott fixed it and made the wall look smoother and spotless. He’s truly incredible. We wouldn’t have got a new window so early without him. Scott is professional, efficient, responsible, and detail-oriented.

“Besides the new window, Scott put a new fire door for our tenant’s unit. He has made our house more lovable.  🙂 It was a wonderful experience working with Scott. He’s not only professional, he also has an amazing personality: honest, genuine, thoughtful, and reasonable. We’re very happy with the price he and Ashlynn offered. In fact, they tried their best to keep our budget low without compromising quality. What else can we say? We really appreciate an extraordinary work Scott has done. We also want to thank Ashlynn for being so kind, giving us lots of helpful information and making the project go smoothly. We would definitely recommend Scott to anybody who wants to receive a satisfying handyman service. :)” – Dana