Our Services

Strata Maintenance Care

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable company, we're the "one-stop shop" for all your strata maintenance needs. We've been serving residential and commercial strata properties in the Cowichan Valley since 2015. Our customizable plans include services like:

  • gutter cleaning and repair;
  • window cleaning;
  • painting;
  • carpentry;
  • power washing;
  • moss removal; and
  • small repairs.

It's our goal to be helpful, so if you have a need we can meet, we're happy to help. Just ask!

We also offer services for larger carpentry jobs like building fences and stairs.


Do you have leaves clogging your gutters? Is there water dripping from places it shouldn't? From repairs and upgrades to regular maintenance cleaning we can help you keep the rain water where it should go and prevent water damage to your property.


From fences and decks to trim and walls, we have your interior and exterior painting needs covered. Not only does a fresh coat of paint look nice, it also prolongs the life of the materials it protects, saving your strata money in the long run.


How are your fences doing? Any leaning posts causing gates to not latch properly? From repairing soft spots on decks to replacing rotting stair treads and railings we are ready to help. Our team is skilled to complete minor repairs or large new projects.


Handyman, the broadest category of all. There are so many little things to maintain and repair on any given building. From odd little tasks to larger jobs and everything in between, there is a mighty good chance we can complete it for you and if we can't, we probably know someone who can.

Why choose us?

We love what we do and that shines through in our workmanship. It's our goal to be proactive with the maintenance of your building to help you enjoy the space you live and avoid large repair costs down the road. Questions or want to get started?