Cleaning and Maintenance

Live on Vancouver Island? Own a home in the Cowichan Valley? Lucky you! We are surrounded by such breathtaking landscapes, oceans, meadows and trees, ferns and shrubs in every shade of green imaginable!

Although this beautiful landscape and lushness is incredible for our eyes and soul, all this greenery can be pretty bothersome. Mix leaves and moss with our west coast rain and it spells trouble for the number one thing that keeps water away from our homes.


Gutters before after
What can I do to stop getting so much debris in my gutters?

The simplest thing to do is prune back trees, vines, and bushes that are dropping debris into your gutters. Pruning alone will not solve the issue so let us introduce you to 3 things you can add to your gutter system that will make them almost debris proof. That means instead of requiring a timely deep clean twice a year, your gutters will only need a light clearing off once or twice a year and a deep cleaning approximately every 3-5 years!

Three things that may fill your gutter trough:

  1. nearby or overhead trees, bushes and leaves
  2. moss growth on your roof
  3. asphalt shingle granules

Once your trough is full of gunk it clogs the downspout. When a downspout gets clogged the water can not drain and it overflows.

So Now Some Solutions….

Not everyone can invest in all three upgrades at once, so I will outline them below in the order that will improve your gutters the most starting with your best return for investment.

Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards

The best way to stop debris from getting into your gutters is to simply “put a lid on it.” Gutter Guard puts a lid on your gutters and shields them from the majority of debris.

Wide Mouth Funnels

Wide mouth funnel

Installing a wide mouth funnel allows any debris that has passed through your gutter guards to easily flow along your gutters into a larger opening and into your downspouts.

Downspout Cleanouts

Clean out

A downspout cleanout is a screen that catches the debris in your downspout and holds it there until you empty it. Typically, we install the cleanout at waist height so emptying it is quick and simple.

How Often Will Cleaning be Needed?

Average gutters with none of the above upgrades should be deep cleaned twice a year to function optimally. With all 3 upgrades listed here, your gutter system only needs to be lightly cleared off once or twice a year and deep cleaned once every 3-5 years.

Why choose us?

We love what we do and that shines through in our workmanship. It's our goal to be proactive with the maintenance of your building to help you enjoy the space you live and avoid large repair costs down the road. Questions or want to get started?