Interior & Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

Your walls, ceiling and trim make up for more than 75% of the visual appearance of your home. Daily living gives your walls and trim some bumps and scuffs which wear down your paint.  When you are ready for a fresh coat or perhaps a new colour all together we can help with that. 

Selling your home?  Fresh paint and neutral coloured walls are always appealing to a buyer.

Tired of your current wall colour?  Any designer will tell you the cheapest way to update a room is with paint.

Moved into a new home?  Fresh paint in colours that reflect your style and taste will make the house feel like your home.

Exterior Painting

What is the saying?   You never get a second chance to make a first impression?  The outside elements of your home are the first things your eyes see when you or anyone else arrives at your home.

The paint on your exterior walls, the trim around your doors, windows and fascia as well as any painted fences or decks acts not only as curb appeal but also as a protective coat for the wood underneath.  Any paint that is cracked or peeling or just worn down by the elements is allowing moisture to get in to where it can cause rot. Not good. Let’s protect your biggest investment now and save you potential headaches in the future by keeping your painted surfaces in good condition.